System Design for Road Tunnel Planning and Ventilation
At the year of 1967, Mr. Y. OTA was involved to road tunnel ventilation design forh YAESU TUNNELh. In 1969, this tunnel was opened to traffic. This tunnel is located at blow of Tokyo Central Railway Station. The tunnel length approx 1400m of two tubes rectangular cross section consist with 2*2 lanes. This tunnel was constructed by cut and cover method, and four access ramps jointed to the central station, through the underground shopping mall and underground parking area. Fully transverse ventilation system was equipped with proportional smoke extraction dampers by automatic control to be adapted to this tunnel. Mr. Y. OTA was in charge of basic to detail design for all of tunnel system design for this project as a first experience.

Ever since, Mr. Y. OTA accumulated the design experiences for several type of ventilation systems, such as longitudinal system, semi transverse, transverse, electrostatic precipitator and combination systems with each other. In the mean time, scale model experiment apparatus were developed for the purpose of analysis for complicated ventilated air flow field for the road tunnel. The Reynolds number of the turbulence flow in this testing apparatus was achieved to very close phenomenon to actual condition.

The innovated tunnel ventilation experiment apparatus with automatic measuring instruments were installed at China Engineering consultants Inc (CECI) Kaohsiung laboratories, for the purpose of international utilization with suitable cost for experiment.
We were involved to all of system design for tunneling technologies, such as mechanized and immersed tunneling technologies.
Especially, TAN consult is one of the major consulting firm for immersed tunnel and safety technology in the Netherlands.

Tokyo Port Tunnel
Kanetsu Tunnel
Vertical Type of Axial Fan
Photo by D.M.W.
Hanazonobashi Tunnel
Photo by H. Tanabe
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